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Re: Fujifilm X-Series Gear Tier List (Long)

Tamed Monkey wrote:

Where to begin?

How about, "Most recently the X-T4 (especially the chrome styled version)."

Does the chrome styled version somehow create better images than the black? I have one of each. Should I sell the black one?

Or this: "XF 90mm f/2 R LM WR: An extremely well regard portrait lens. This also has some macro ability. This focal length is notorious for rarely being used in the field, but being useful in the studio."

You're right about the portrait bit, but mine sees outdoor work almost exclusively.

Or how about this howler: "This will take worse pictures because it lacks IBIS but may also take better candid pictures because of its small form factor."

Uh, cameras don't take 'worse' pictures. Cameras don't take ANY pictures. You do.

And that's just three.

You later stated that you've not owned most (any?) of the gear you're rating, but that you've gathered your info from YT videos.

It shows.

I think your ratings are inadvertently more of a statement about the quality, and reliability of YT reviews, as opposed to the quality, and usefulness of the gear you have 'rated.'

Yup. It shows.

OP, you do reallize that you are posting to a forum where many of us own far too many of the lenses (and cameras) you are rating.. and know them intimately? YT "ain't no" substitute for actual experience:)

BTW I would have said the 90 is notorious for portraits in the field rather than the studio. It's a little long for inside. Awesome sports lens though.

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