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Re: Fujifilm X-Series Gear Tier List (Long)

Schleiermacher wrote:

Funny thing, Clive. I favor the f/2 small primes but its based on my distinctive needs and preferences. I harbor no illusions that they aren’t bested optically by the 56 and 90, but for my style and needs the f/2’s are a better fit. Your preferences and needs probably differ and that’s fine with me.

What this difference reveals is precisely my point. Every photographer’s priorities, needs, and style will be different and gear will be assessed and chosen accordingly.

What 20+ years at this has taught me though, is that actually using the gear in the field is the only true test for determining what is best for me. And my needs and preferences evolve over time alongside my creative intentions and idiosyncracies.

Trying to rank gear in some objective, universal hierarchy is futile.


I'm not in disagreement with you. I have the f2 primes and i really like them. I use them when i want to go small and they are a great compromise. When i don't care about the weight i bring the bigger ones.  To to suggest that they are top tier or legendary doesn't seem correct.

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