DXO PL4 vs. PL5. Worth the upgrade? Or is Topaz Image bundle better

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Re: DXO PL4 vs. PL5. Worth the upgrade? Or is Topaz Image bundle better

sirhawkeye64 wrote:

ANAYV wrote:

Hi all.

I have and use DXO PL 4.

I can upgrade for $49 to PL5

Anything faster?

Using PC Win 10


GPU: 1650 with 4GB DDR5 RAM

Another option (for $99 ) is Topaz Image bundle.




Not sure what area of image manipulation you are looking at specifically, but I can say from a NR standpoint, PL5 does a very good job, and is probably better than DeNoise in my opinion. While DeNoise did a decent job at removing noise, I felt I lost a bit of detail as a result, even playing around with the settings, but in PL5 I'm getting much better results and are more satisifed with it's NR algorithms, so I'd say go for PL5 if the choice was mine. I can't compare it to PL4 though (as v5 is the first version I've bought).

I see.

Yes Deep Prime is so good.  I would get Topaz for Ai sharpen and Gigapixel, mainly Gigapixel. But good to hear Deep Prime is better. Seems same as in PL4.

I think both products have their place in workflows, but for me (doing a lot of landscapes and travel photography) I find that PL does a better job overall, not just NR but even rivals Lightroom in many areas.

I am most curious about differences between PL4 and 5.

Seems not a big upgrade like PL3 and 4 were, IMHO.

Asking, in case There are significant upgrades i might find useful.

Thanks for your thoughts sirhawkeye64


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