Fujifilm x-t3 vs Sony a6600 vs Canon eos 90d

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Re: Fujifilm x-t3 vs Sony a6600 vs Canon eos 90d

lehill wrote:

JMVC wrote:

hello guys! im planning to buy my first camera. i'm about 70/30 regards to photo/video. can you guide me which camera is better and also im open for any suggestions. thanks guys!

Questions like this are tough to answer for someone who is just starting out. It's like asking "Is basketball, baseball, or football/soccer better?" They're all good.

  • Fuji has a reputation for making the prettiest pictures right out of the camera.
  • The newest Sonys have the "Real-time Tracking" AF system that DPR and many others go ga-ga over.
  • Canon (& Nikon) DSLRs are a really good value.

DPR has consistent and responsible reviews of each camera, Buying Guides, and Side-by-side camera specifications to help camera buyers.

What I can suggest is to go to a camera store to actually handle each camera, look through the viewfinder, operate the controls, look at lens availability and prices. Both Sony and Canon are available with ~18-140mm kit lenses, the Fuji is available with a 16-80mm kit lens. Any of these will be a good choice to start learning about photography.

Thank so much for the information! I really appreciate it. Guess I’ll continue doing my research and educate myself more on the camera gear and system. I just have one question, which is more important, the camera itself or the system/brand for future upgradability?

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