iPhone 13 Pro - White Balance issue (Tint added by default)

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Re: iPhone 13 Pro - White Balance issue (Tint added by default)

I have found one interesting behavior. When looking at ProRaw output or Video it is using a much more natural processing. It's visible when a "Live" effect is playing when browsing photos.

In my case I start to believe that some HW issue (maybe calibration) with Apple excessive processing is making this much more visible.

Screen capture of Live effect - much more similar to ProRaw output

Screen capture of Final image - overprocessed output

These differences are much more visible on Retina screen (Macbook or iPad).

Though, also videos captured are sometimes completely off the white balance and looks ... washed out as usual.

The colors have been yellow and warm. Not like this.

I'm waiting for iOS 15.2 to try out if there are some changes (I expect not) and then will ask Apple authorized service to replace camera module (they already confirmed they will do it). That's all I'm able to do with this but so far the best approach is to shot ProRaw (but maybe with Halide in 10bits and without embedded JPG so the size is more reasonable 20-30MB)

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