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Re: Fujifilm X-Series Gear Tier List (Long)

Schleiermacher wrote:

This initial post strikes me as a house of cards. Every paragraph/categorization is based on assumptions and generalizations, most of which collapse under careful consideration and nuanced assessment by actual users of the gear who have honed their craft and skills over long periods. I simply don’t recognize my gear or priorities for using it as at all reflected in the construction of this schema.

In the end, while it feigns objectivity as an instrument of assessment, it really is loaded with highly subjective assessments and dubious assumptions that I can’t square with my experience as a photographer or user of Fuji gear.

I’m not offended by the post or criticisms of any Fuji gear. I’m just baffled by the post.

My recommendation would be to buy a Fuji camera, a Fuji lens, and get outside to explore for yourself. The road is only made by walking it.


Yup. I suggest the OP use more fuji gear rather than basing it on reviews..Many reviews (lenstip and optical limits) seem to heavily prioritize price and thus really like the F2 lenses..but really..The F2 lenses ahead of the 90 and the std 56..I don't think so (and yes, i have them).

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