Use of Leica Q2 AFL+AEL lock button

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Re: Use of Leica Q2 AFL+AEL lock button

Varkdriver wrote:

I am new the Leica forum having just purchased a Q2. I use a lot of "stitched panos" when I travel for landscapes and got use the X100V where you could lock the focus and exposure and take multiple exposures while the AFL+AEL remained locked.

On the Q2, it appears that the AFL+AEL lock resets after each exposure. This makes taking successive exposures challenging to keep exposure value consistent from frame to frame.

I am sure a German engineer thinks this is the way to do it so you don't forget to unlock the AFL+AEL, but I much prefer the Fuji way of doing it.

Could be a "deal breaker" for me and the Q2...

Any way around this in the settings menu?

The only workaround is to switch to MF. Unfortunately, Q2 (and CL) do not allow real BBF.

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