Switching from Mac (Apple Photos) to PC (DAM/Editor)

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Switching from Mac (Apple Photos) to PC (DAM/Editor)

I'm looking for DAM (and/or simple editor) for PC that is similar to Apple Photos. I am thinking about migrating my photos from Mac to PC. I already have PC (for gaming), but I still use Mac for photo management.

Background: Prior to using Photos, I used Lightroom (version 4). I now use Apple Photos to manage all my photos. I have 60,000 photos over past 20 years. Out of those, I have 3100 photos (5%) that are "Favorites" and edited. As amateur, my photos are travel and family. Majority of my time is spent on culling, tag "Favorites" (or Star in other system), and simple edits. File format range from Nikon/Canon/Sony RAW & JPEGs, iPhones JPEGs, Android phones JPEGs.

Requirement or Preferred Features (features I use and care about on Apple Photos):

  • No recurring prescription model
  • View images by timeline
  • Face recognization, so I can filter and find by family members
  • Location data, so I can filter and find by trips
  • Simple editor
  • RAW support
  • (Nice to Have) Smart Folders that will automatically update by family members, pet photos, food photos, by camera, dates, trips
  • (Nice to Have) DAM that will injest and manage physical photos, instead of Explorer (or Finder) folder system.

Features that I do not care about:

  • Keywording
  • Category, color coding, etc
  • Layers or complicated local editor

In terms of AI, I believe only Google Photos can compare. But that is not Windows app, but online (and require monthly Cloud storage fee for the amount of photos I have).

ACDSee. I believe ACDSee Photo Studio Professional 2022 meets my needs. Home version does not have RAW support. I don't need Ultimate.

iMatch, which seems to do most of what I need as DAM. It uses Explorer folder system to maintain physical photos files; not preferred but I can live with it. I don't believe it has editor.

Do you have any recommendations and suggestions? So I can try them out before buying.

Side Notes - Reason for Switching from Mac to PC: (1) I don't want to continue to own and support 2 computer systems (PC for gaming and Mac for photo management). (2) I was Apple iPhone user from iPhone 4 thru 12. Now I'm using Samsung Android phone, along with Sony mirrorless, so I really don't need to be locked to Apple. (3) I was using Mac for work previously. Now I use PC for work, so really hassle to remember 2 different set of keyboard shortcuts.

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