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Re: Fujifilm X-Series Gear Tier List (Long)

Ok, clearly a lot of work went into the list, i can appreciate the effort, even thought i don't agree with it at all. I can't figure out by what criteria the stuff is ranked here.

Why are the cheap F2 fujicrons at S tier, while the new F1.4 23 and 33 WR primes at B tier? Makes no sense, as the new ones are better in every way.

Also "It doesn’t have IBIS. It will take worse pictures than a camera with IBIS"

This is actually outright false information. That is only true on non stabilized primes, at shutter speeds lower than 1/25 (this number depends on person, some can even handhold 1/15 without ibis). And on a tripod, you will get worse pictures with ibis than without.

If you are going to make a tier list, then atleast say what you will rank the items based on.

Right now for example, you are strictly ranking on feelings, nothing more.

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