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Re: Nikon Z9: batteries or powerbank

The number of batteries needed will be dependent on the type of shooting. Below is an excerpt from the battery section of DP Review’s preliminary review of the Z9. The CIPA rating is not necessarily representative of how many shots per charge it can actually deliver. Anecdotal reports from some initial reviewers indicated they were getting much higher shots per charge than the CIPA ratings. And for all-burst shooting, Nikon says the EN-EL18d battery can deliver up to 5310 shots per charge. We’ll know better once it’s actually available to check based on real world usage.

The Z9 uses the EN-EL18d, the latest variant of the large battery used by previous pro-grade Nikons. It will work with all previous EN-EL18 batteries but can only charge the b, c and d versions in-camera, over USB and will deliver more shots with the EN-EL18d. The charger supplied with the Z9 also only supports the three more recent variants.

The z9 is rated as delivering 740 shots per charge if you use the rear LCD and 700 if you use the viewfinder. These figures jump to 770 and 740, respectively, if you use energy saving mode. As always these numbers are not directly representative of how many shots you're likely to achieve, partly because the CIPA standard test demands more use of playback than most photographers do.

It's only intensive shooting of stills and video together that are likely ever cause any concern for Z9 users in terms of battery life

This discrepancy is especially acute when shooting bursts, which represents the opposite extreme of using the camera and where the amount of image review time, per image, is near zero. To illustrate this, Nikon claims the Z9 is good for 5310 shots per charge when shooting bursts. Although Nikon doesn't specify its test method, this figure corresponds much more closely to our initial experiences of shooting fast action with the Z9. So, while we wouldn't take this number literally, either, it does highlight that CIPA numbers can seem unrealistically low.

The standard test numbers tend to be broadly comparable between cameras, though, with a camera rated at 700 shots per charge typically delivering twice as many shots as one rated at 350. We find it hard to imagine a shooting scenario that will exhaust a camera rated at over 700 shots per charge, so it's only intensive shooting of stills and video together that are likely ever cause any concern for Z9 users.

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