A7C and 50GM as an everyday carry?

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Re: A7C and 50GM as an everyday carry?

eeran wrote:

Impulses wrote:

If I'm going for some casual shooting and I'm only bringing the one lens I might just use my sling strap, and no bag at all, but I'll use a wrist strap instead if I'll be pulling the camera from and putting it back in a bag often... So I like switching between both options w/PD's Anchor system.

With a lens the size of my 35GM or anything larger I tend to use bags with dividers but when I use smaller lenses I cram them in pretty tight bags and I'll use Domke wraps to protect some stuff and/or keep it from banging together. They're thinner than the Tenba wraps (so less bump protection but also slightly less bulk) and somewhat ironically the single diagonal Velcro strap in the corners hangs on better than the custom triangle on Tenba's.

I tend to keep a clear B+W XS-Pro filter on most of my weather sealed and/or pricey lenses, since I'm more likely up use those in adverse conditions or end up lamenting any front element scratches (tho the slightest ones are really no big deal). I think my 24G is the one exception, it's front element is so small I figured a filter just presented a larger target.

Hoods are kinda situational for me but a lot of Sony wides/primes have really excellent flare resistance lately. I actually don't mind the 35GM's hood since it doesn't extend as far as petal hoods, but I just noticed this and might give it a try:


What is the benefit of this hood?

Smaller profile with the same or better shading, I'd imagine, the downside is you need to take it off to change filters but it's a bayonet hood like the OEM so you can use filters w/it mounted. I like slip on caps as well, tho that's pretty darn subjective... I had some for my metal Oly M4/3 primes (and for a low profile Contact hood I use on one of them) and there's something oddly satisfying and seamless about them vs clip on caps.

I always have the hood installed, inverted when it’s a quick shoot and store back in the bag, just to allow putting the camera to rest on table or stuff without getting scratches or any marks from hitting table or other elements

when I carry the camera on me and I would like to not play with the cap every second I just put the hood facing outwards and leave it with no cap, so that it helps protecting the lens during that time

Yeah that's what I usually do with more conventional hoods, unless they're really large then I end up debating whether to bring them at all or not. All my E mount prime hoods are relatively small tho.

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