((( Z-Mount Cameras + the Iconic "Gold Ring" Nikkor 58/1.4 G )))

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((( Z-Mount Cameras + the Iconic "Gold Ring" Nikkor 58/1.4 G )))

While there are many "polemic" posts concerning the "gold ring" Nikkor 58/1.4 G, this thread topic is not designed to be a polemic. Is designed to celebrate this great optic, whose abilities are actually augmented by the Z-system.

I have recently shared my views on a more polemic thread here, as well as elsewhere, but this thread topic is designed specifically for those who already love the 58/1.4 G — and who have Z cameras. It's also designed to address those who already have Z cameras, but yet who do not own the 58G, and who might be looking for a really neat portrait lens, which the Z-system doesn't yet offer.

That said, here is how my current rig is set up:

Nikon Z7 II + FTZ + Nikkor 58/1.4G + RRS BZ7 L Modular Grip + RRS QD Strap Swivel + Sensei PRO 72mm Aluminum Lens Hood (6-image stack)

To address the subject of the FTZ, right off the bat, the 58 f/1.4 G (even with the FTZ adapter) is still lighter than the recent, monstrous Z 50/f1.2 S.

Again, while not attempting to be a polemic, let me just state that the new Z 50/1.2 S is "sharper" than the 58/1.4 G, no question. However, with that concession made, I've never seen a single image posted from the Z 50/1.2 S that made me want to buy it.

Yet I've seen hundreds from the 58/1.4G that, in fact, made me buy it.

  • The difference is in character.
  • The 58/G has it, the 50/Z does not.

OK, while admittedly a bit of a polemical assertion, this thread topic is designed for those who already agree with the above

That said, the 58/G on Z cameras, especially with the new Firmware 3.4 upgrade has brought a new degree of relevancy to this iconic "Gold Ring" f/1.4 optic. Right now, there is no standard Nikkor AF lens that compares. Anywhere.

By adding Eye AF, even animal Eye AF, Nikon's Z-Mount cameras now breathe new life into this great lens. Here are some photos I've taken during the past week using this combination. Admittedly, they're snapshots. Honestly, I don't think I've even tried the 58/G since last year sometime. That said, this lens now goes with me on every hiking trip going forward ... it always delivers a unique perspective:

My trusty doggy, Amazon, helping me with my birding

My doggy scouting a remote trail ...

Close-up ...

The Main Character for birding ...

While my main objective was birding, carrying the 58/G allowed me to photograph some "ancillary characters" in a way, and with a character, that even the incredible Z zooms cannot duplicate, given their slower apertures ... and more "clinical" rendering:

Indian Blanket Flowers ... taken in high-wind, down low, at the shore of Canoa Lake

Russian Thistles @ the head of Elephant Head trail ...

The point of all this is that there is a "soft, pastel look," even a surreal look, that the 58/G embodies that none of the Z-Mount (or "other" mount) lenses fully embody.

If you don't recognize this "look," that's okay, I suppose you can move on and forget about this thread. If you have even better examples than what I posted, then by all means share them

However, if you have always appreciated this look, and/or are just now being introduced to this "look," I encourage you to add the 58G to your lens collection, before it's too late. It will likely be discontinued within the year.

I've owned (and still do own) some of the best Nikon lenses that have ever been made. I've also owned some of the finest Leica, Voigtländer, and Zeiss too, all in the F-Mount (or adapted to Z-Mount). No brag, just fact. Meaning, I have perspective on what good/great lenses are actually able to accomplish.

That said, the 58/G is one of only four F-mount optics I've retained, going forward. The other three are the 800/5.6 FL ED, the 400/2.8 FL ED, and the 100/1.4 E ED. I again assert that the 58G is a great lens, belonging in the company of these other three, if it is appreciated it for what it does.

I hope others who idolize this lens as well, post their images taken with the 58/G, especially if augmented by the new abilities of the Z-system. Z cameras are now able to maximize what is really great about the 58/G that DSLRs never could.

Please feel free to share

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