E-m10 iv, MMF-3, CAF Four Thirds lenses. Is compatibility dead with OM Digital?

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E-m10 iv, MMF-3, CAF Four Thirds lenses. Is compatibility dead with OM Digital?

Hi all. I am a big fan of using original Four Thirds DSLR lenses, because I feel they are optically superior.

Just to warn, new to Olympus Panasonic users may find this topic time wasting, it's kind of a cult niche in Micro Four Thirds. It's more of a post for that niche group of people to help me see if I am missing something from the new settings, or if OM Digital is about done wasting their time with us cult members. If the latter, OM Digital better listen up, because the cult users are probably over 1/3 of the market, that buys their higher end equipment.

I am almost positive the lenses wont work without a firmware update from OMD and I suggest and hope they make the right decision and release said update, because I am not happy, and hopefully others will back me up.

Anyhow, heres the scoop....

I have used the regular e-m1 and 14-35, 35-100, 50-200 swd, 50mm macro. I own multiple Other lenses from the system, but these are the ones I prefer, they all require a sensor with PDAF, to auto focus correctly.

I still use my E-m1 mark 1 bodies often. I However now have 2 mark 2 bodies, for separate copies of the 14-35 and 35-100 to live on and an e-m5iii for the 50mm f2 to live on something a lil smaller!.

I bought a couple of e-m10 iv bodies and use the 12-40 Pro and 7-14 pro (f2.8 micro43 lenses) to do commercial real estate.

I like the e-m10 (with my wood grip) so much, I wanted a 3rd copy. To use my old favorite four thirds 25mm, and in my opinion best 25mm to date, for a four thirds size sensor, AND GUESS WHAT....it wont AF on my e-m10 iv and mmf-3 adapter.

I have multiple copies of the 25mm lens, so I tried a second copy, exactly the same scenario.

I tried another adapter (another mmf-3) and still the same, no AF, only MF. The electrical contacts work, as i could see the 25mm indicator (on-screen) and this lens is fly by wire MF, which worked fine.

I then figured maybe om was not supporting just the Panasonic lenses, so I threw on the Olympus 14-54 ii, which is also a contrast autofocus able lens. Same scenario the camera knew I was zooming in and out, as the indicator changed and represented the correct focal length that I had zoomed to on the lens, as well as the ability to manually focus, which is fly by wire only, and I still was able to use.

Then just to make sure I wasn't losing my mind, I put both adapters to the test on an old e-pm2 body, I use to update lenses. Both adapters worked flawless with with all the lenses, same for the adapters and lenses on a e-m10ii, I threw them on as well.  (Both those cameras acted like i was throwing a native m43 lens on, no changing settings, throw the lens on and keep shooting).

Please om digital, do not stop us from using the gear we already own (more importantly love). I want to use that sensor, with the lens I prefer, why are you stopping this(almost deliberately)? I purchased the cameras, so you made your money, and I am not going to buy your 25mm Pro, just because you hinder use of my old lens. In fact, next time I want new gear, this is a strike against you, and a reason to go with a different company. It is not a gain for you to stop supporting my already owned gear, it is a potential loss, just so you understand the gear game right.

Seems as if you feel if you un-support my old gear, I will somehow support your new gear. Quite the opposite, I will look for used gear, that supports the gear I know works good. Then when I want to try your 25mm Pro, I'll remember this, and also look for a used copy, to further not support you in response to this.

purchased this camera, and 10-year-old cameras can focus my Panasonic lens, why can't this brand new one do the same. I do not think as a customer who just bought three of the same camera (supporting you)....why should be stuck having to purchase more lenses from you to use, when I would prefer to use the ones I already own, because they are optically superior. If older cameras didn't already do the Autofocusing, I'd understand, however if older technology can do better than newer, why should i keep purchasing from you?

Not meant to be a jerk, only meant to get a firmware update, that should be fairly simple to release. Because if they don't, i have definitely bought my last Olympus camera, at least a new one, because this new company can go by the weigh side, if they wont support past customers.

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