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Re: 24-120 Z test in Chinese (I guess)

Jay A wrote:

Berend Botje wrote:

Good spotting! At 12:12 at 24 mm correct? As far as can see he compares F/4 and F/8 only once. I would expect F/8 to look sharper.

Yes, this is the scene and he compares in many places in the frame but not in another shot. So maybe more shooting and comparing at the 2 apertures is called for. Whether f8 should be sharper or not is another discussion but my observation was that at f4, it just does not look very good compared to f8.

Sorry, I realize I did not put that correctly. I meant to say that I would expect f/8 to be sharper than f/4. Whether either or both are as sharp as one would like them to be I would not want to conclude on the basis of this video.

Thing is, the primes and also the 24-70 f2.8 seem to do a better job wide open.

I am not going to jump to any conclusions though. I'd really like to see more reviews, and perhaps I am expecting (or hoping for) too much.

I fully agree with you.

Best, Jan

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