Nikon Z6 with 24-70 F4 Focusing and Low light problem?

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Nikon Z6 with 24-70 F4 Focusing and Low light problem?

Hey there guys!

I'm new here so Hello to all!

I think I might have an issue with my newly purchased Nikon Z6. I come from a year of using an Olympus OMD EM-10MK3 as my first camera. It's been a good camera to learn the basics but now I feel I've outgrown it. So I bought myself a Nikon Z6 with the kit 24-70 F4 lens. They come from different sellers.

I bought the Z6 after extensive reading and watching videos online thinking it would be a great camera for evening/night street photography and landscape photography since the sensor is full frame. I thought that would make a big difference from the m4/3 sensor on the EM-10 but I've been quite disappointed this far. The old camera is better in the dark and better at focusing. Could these problems be related to each other?

So my question is: Am I doing something wrong?

I very rarely get down to ISO 100 with 1/80 shutter speed or above. It has to be mid day with clear skies for me to get down to lower ISO than about 500 for speeds that freeze motion.

I went to a beach volley event to try and get some action shots. It was indoors but it was very well lit but the Z6 still couldn't cope with low ISO's, even when shooting stationary people. I had to adjust the exposure in Lightroom by almost two full stops to get the lighting looking like "real life". I just don't get it, is the camera not better than this, or is it me?

I'm hoping that this is a user error since I've paid close to $2000 dollars for this kit.

I'll include a few pictures so you can see the difference for yourself. The noise produced is bad even in the bright parts of the images. These pictures have automatic noise reduction done by Lightroom.

Has anyone out there experienced the same issues I have? Have I been duped by the sellers or am I just bad at this?...

Thankful for any tips and answers, have great day!

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