For all those "Journalists" who said the Z7 was Nikon's first MILC

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Graxxor Anandro Vidhelssen
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For all those "Journalists" who said the Z7 was Nikon's first MILC

Any journalist who says that the Z7 was Nikon's first mirrorless camera isn't one and about a dozen 1 Nikkor Bodies are proof of that....
The Nikon 1 V3 is an absolute credit to Nikon's engineering prowess: 7 years old and still eminently usable and entirely relevant today in 2021.

I just picked up a Z7 and 24-70 s/h combi for a song and a prayer. It's an absolutely fantastic camera and I have zero buyer's remorse.

I imagine that many, upon transitioning to "full fat mirrorless" have parted with their 1 Nikkor gear... I know that Yahoo Auctions are replete with 1N gear.

For example, despite all the Z7 greatness with the newest 3.4 firmware. My V3 is here to stay. No way I'm giving it up and the fact that both the FTZ and FT1 adaptors exist only adds to the Nikon synergy.

With the acquisition of of the Z7, I have -instead- decided to divest myself of a whole bunch of gear that has found itself sandwiched between the power of the FF Nikkor Z and the adorable, portable cuteness of my complete (except for the über expensive 32 1.2 and 70-300) set of 1 Nikkor gear and I thus find myself bidding a fond farewell to all my 20 odd DX lenses and three various series DX bodies (3k, 5k and 7k series)
As a bonus, I will be saying goodbye to my mint D810 which has now been made all but redundant... And if my Yahoo Auction prices go to plan, I'll have recouped more than the cost of my V3's big brother entirely.

My final lineup will be D5 and D4 (sports and live events work), Z7 (architecture, landscape work), Df and V3 (personal projects and recreation).

I honestly think that the 1N had real potential to be the ultimate portable mirrorless of choice with a little more refinement and tuning.

Two cameras at different ends of the spectrum, sharing an inordinate amount of historical and conceptual DNA yet never stamping on each others' toes:

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