X100V: too often slow shutter speed or high ISO

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X100V: too often slow shutter speed or high ISO


I might do something completely wrong, but I’m often quite surprised by very slow shutter speeds on my X100V when the light seems actually ok.

I shoot mostly handheld, and even in sunny autumn daylight, It’s rare I can use f16, as ss goes above 1/60 at iso 160.

Also this morning, I went for a walk just after sunrise to take a few "test" shots.

We had our first snow, and I get that the weather was foggy. But the light wasn’t too bad.

In order to reproduce the live conditions shooting handheld (1/70) with aperture priority at f5.6, I had to go as high as iso 12800 (see photo below).

Aperture priority: f5.6 / ss 1/70 / iso 12800

At f8, the the automatic ss went up to 1/34 and ISO had to be at 12800…
In manual mode, f8, ss 1/60 and ISO 6400, the shot was totally underexposed!
I quite often see fog photos that, when taken at f8-f11, would require only iso 200 and still get a ss around 1/250 or even faster!

Even in sunny (autumn) conditions and blue sky, f5-f8 and iso 160, the ss is never above 1/500. (f14 in the same light conditions, iso 160, ss goes as low as 1/60!)

Should I be worried that something is wrong with the camera?
At this rate, the 1/4000 ss, will it ever be useful?
Thanks in advance.

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