*** Challenge 325: Images taken within 3 miles of your home *** RESULTS

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*** Challenge 325: Images taken within 3 miles of your home *** RESULTS

Sorry it took me a little over a day to post the results but I've just moved house and then storm Arwen caused a long powercut.

I thought we might get quite a few images on this challenge as anyone could do it and I wasn't surprised. I find that people sometimes ignore where they live and I certainly did until the first lockdown.

Thanks for all the entries. Some of you are incredibly lucky to have some great subjects so close to your house.

First some entries that really drew my attention:

Damnerd "Visitor Center"

Good timing on the flag and a I like the composition with a lot of negative space. I think the image is better for having a clear blue sky and the red on the flag stands out against it.

missedshot "Less than 3mi."

I didn't expect an image like this so great thinking. I've tried taking images like this and they aren't as easy as you might think. Great detail on the moon surface. I very much like the trees in front of the bottom of the moon and all that blackness leaves no where else for the eye to wander.

Brev00 "What? No Butterfly?"
Just kept going back to this image from Laurence. At first you think it looks too simple and there is so much out of focus but the greens and pinks complement and there is no other colour. It's also an interesting framing with the only in focus plant in the bottom right and so much almost empty space.

swimswithtrout "A Lion from my backyard"

Wow. An image taken from one of the closest to his house and yet of a subject the furthest away. It amazes me that it is possible to get a shot like this from your backyard. I imagine it must take a lot of experience and knowledge to get a shot like this.

swimswithtrout "A Flock of Angels"
Some of you are so fortunate where you live. First we had deer and now angels. Lovely clear, sharp shot where you can even see the pilots. No idea why but I started checking the numbers to make sure they were all there. The only thing I might suggest is there was more space beneath the Angels to give them some height and there is a very slight sensor smudge in the middle top (sorry)

Christanne "Country road as seen from a nearby cemetery"

A love trees so that's a good start. Great framing with the tree left and top and the road coming in and disappearing off into the trees in the background.

dartymix1 "Anole fire bush petal in our yard"

Great spot and pose making it look like the anole is emerging from the fire bush. Reds and greens a great complement. There isn't anything you could have done but if the background hadn't been so green the anole would have stood out even more.

Jocksa "Exhibition"

I love images like this and it would have been in my top 3. I presume that is the arm moving back at the end of the record and the lighting is superb.

Admittedly my choice of my favourite three won't be yours but that is the way the challenge works.

3rd place goes to dartymix1 and "Hi, I'm Bambi, who are you"

Well timed shot making it look like the fawns are almost kissing. Eyes well lit and the ears back and up. Darker area in the background behind the heads helps make them stand out. Just wondered if you needed that depth of field and a blurrier background might have helped a bit.

2nd place goes to Christanne "Picnic table atop a small hill at a nearby park"

I'm starting to think Christanne also likes trees a lot. Again, the framing works for me. The shadow adds a bit of interest and the picnic tables are almost sillouetted against the sky. A simple image but one I enjoyed.

1st place goes to missedshot "Love makes them crazy"

Now I wish I had deer within 3 miles of my house. Great pose with the head up and looking left and the antlers on display. Eye clearly visible (I have a thing about this) and I can even see a slight reflection in them. A cracking shot of a lovely deer.

Thanks again to all for taking the time to do the challenge.

Over to missedshot.


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