Birds and Lizards Big and Small - and a few Bugs too (11/27/21)

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Birds and Lizards Big and Small - and a few Bugs too (11/27/21)

Moving right along, this wildlife set was taken on August 14th - one weekend after where I left off on the last post.  On the last set I was using the big 200-600mm lens - so the following weekend I wanted to switch to the FE 100-400mm GM again - through the summer, I often switch back and forth between the two since one has the better reach while one is better for the closer stuff.

Like the previous week, I again have a mix of birds, bugs, and reptiles - the birds ranging from the tiny passerines up to the larger herons.  All were shot with the A6600, handheld as usual, in and around Green Cay Wetlands:

A green heron perched on a root near the water, in the shade of the cypress trees, where it could strike at unsuspecting fish below who might not notice the bird above the surface when standing in the shade

A tricolored heron flying past the greenery of the wetlands

I've been sharing the lovely scarlet skimmer dragonflies a few times lately - I can't help but shoot the beauties whenever I see them, especially when they're nicely lit and sitting in front of a clean background of water and reeds

The lovely black-bellied whistling duck, sitting quietly in the shallow water, reflecting

A basilisk lizard perched on a branch

A great blue heron , up close - wandering through the algae-covered waters looking for fish or lizards or anything else to eat - only briefly pausing to watch me pass by

Closeup with the lovely anhinga

Pulling back a little wider to show the whole anhingsa

The tiny but pretty little white peacock butterfly perched on a purple flower

I was very lucky and pleased to run into the lovely prairie warbler, migrating through for early fall...they're often one of the first migrators heading south, and are only around for a few weeks, so they're one of the warblers i don't get as many chances to shoot

This lovely little fella decided to pose a bit, showing me both left and right profiles so I could pick out which was best.

And back to the other profile - I think both sides were just lovely

Closeup with another basilisk lizard, showing some nice yellow patterns on that green skin

This green iguana was showing off some of its gamut of colors.  The body had been orange, trying to show off for a potential mate, then it got in a bit of a fight with another iguana, and in the process, turned its head black along with more black and grey on the rest of the body - black is usually the color they turn when frightened or cold - and since the temps were near 100 degrees, it wasn't cold!

Here you can see just how extensively the colors changed - the black went all the way down to the tail, with those leopard like spots really standing out.  5 minutes later, this iguana was back to almost all orange again.

Comments, questions, and critique always welcomed.

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