Birding lens for Z6 II & Z7 II

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Re: Birding lens for Z6 II & Z7 II

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If you think the 200-500 was too big and heavy, I'm not sure what you will think of the 200-600.

Sony's 200-600 is a max f6.3 on the 600mm end. If Nikon's 200-600 is similar to Sony's, it is not necessarily be that much bigger than the F-mount 200-500. But without an actual product announcement with specs, it is mostly guessing.

At any rate, the 500mm f5.6 PF is recommended if you can afford it:

If one is planning to hand hold, I can highly recommend the 500mm PF. Back in early 2019 when it was new and I had one, some Canon users approached me about switching to Nikon solely because of that lens.

I'm a loyal Canon user who's also thinking of jumping ship for that lens. The primary reason are the tack sharp wildlife photos I just viewed online -snapped with that lens. Canon offers nothing comparable at that price "point".

Biggest question is, how is the IQ atF5.6? None of my lenses look great wide open. But technology marches on. If sharp at 5.6, this would be catnip to me...

It’s designed to produce excellent IQ wide open, and based on my 2 years of experience with it, it delivers. I always shoot wide open unless I want to reduce aperture to increase depth of field. In short, pure catnip. 😉

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