Maybe Nikon's waiting for the Z9 hype to die down before sending DSLRs out with a bang

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Re: Why Would Nikon Want...

I think that Nikon is going to discontinue the D500 first (it's a 2016 camera and the Z6 II is a pretty good mirrorless successor, albeit it full frame). Then the D3500, D5600 and D7500 will follow (due to low demand from consumers that switch to mirrorless). Next in line is the D850 when the Z7 III will be released (give it another year or so). The D6 probably won't get a successor, but it will stay available for some years to come for the professionals, although be it in very limited supply. I predict that the D780 will either stay available for a long time to come (it's the affordable do-it-all FX F-mount DSLR) or that it will be discontinued in favor of a retro DSLR like the Df, but with D780 components to keep the costs low.

It's clear to me that Nikon does not have the resources to also continue investing in DSLR R&D. Furthermore it wouldn't make any business sense. They should want to sell a new system, not competing with a saturated used market. Apart from possibly releasing another retro DSLR with existing components, they will discontinue F-mount to free up resources for DSLM R&D. They need the Chinese and Thai manufacturing plants for DSLM gear. Nikon is already well in the process of discontinuing almost everything F-mount. AI-S and AF-D lenses are basically all discontinued, albeit not all officially yet (what B&H sells is remaining new old stock). Many AF-S lenses are out of stock most of the time and only replenished by small quantities.

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