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I have 2 Nikons, one is a D7000 and the other is a 3000 if I remember right.

This is a total beginner question and I apologize for being Uber remedial.

I often put my camera on Manual focus to achieve shots that Auto cannot accommodate. What happens, a lot, is that the shot won't engage. What I mean is I press the button and nothing happens. To be frank, I don't give a poop what my camera thinks, when I press that button, take the pic, I'll deal with any short comings.

Out of focus, under exposed, over exposed, lense cap on, I don't care, when the button is pushed, picture is taken.

How can I set my camera to do this?

Again, sorry on the nube question.



For the D7000 check settings a1 and a2 for AF-C and AF-S priority.

If set to “release” then camera will shoot pretty much any time. If set to “focus” then it won’t shoot unless it thinks it has acquired focus.

Page 208 of the english manual. You can download from Nikon if you don’t have the manual

D3000 May have similar settings. You can also download the D3000 manual if you don’t have it

To the OP,  I suspect the D3000 doesn’t have that functionality. It was marketed as an entry level camera and didn’t have a lot of “extras” when it came to extent of user settings. I have experience with the D40 which is a precursor to the D3000 - the D40 doesn’t give the option for focus or release priority - it’s only focus priority. If your shooting at dusk or other low contrast scenes, you may not be able to acquire focus and therefore won’t be able to trip the shutter.

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