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Re: Happy to Hear This!....

johnpendleton wrote:

Isabel --

Lovely turkey shots, the vertical in particular. It took me a minute to think about what protrusions you were referring to, and then I realized you were probably talking about the tripod-mounting ring posts. If I might suggest, consider getting comfortable with keeping the tripod ring on the lens and either rotating the mounting foot to the lens top or letting it sit in your focusing (left) hand. When you need it for actual tripod mounting you'll find it balances SO much better on the lens foot than mounted at the camera body. If I've mis-read the situation please feel free to correct me.

I'm also a fan of the sliding lens hood, but maybe that's just me -- I like lens hoods for protection as much as flare blocking. I've mentioned in other reviews of this lens that I dropped it on concrete from chest-high once, and the lens hood and the mounting ring took all the abuse -- just a few minor scratches. The lens itself was unharmed by the impact. Just something to keep in mind.

Thank you, John.

Those little protrusions are of no consequence.  I always avoid tripod mounts unless I need them.  Any extra weight is unappreciated.

I didn't order the 40-150 for a long time because I thought it would be too heavy, but it's much lighter than my Panasonic 100-400!

While the image quality is excellent I'm finding the 150 isn't quite long enough for some of my through-the-window bird shots.  Having the 100-400 it seems silly to get a teleconverter for the 40-150 and frankly, I think my 100-400 locks focus faster than the 40-150.  I expect I will be using the 40-150 for event photography more than birds, which I photograph much more fequently!

Have been using a cheap folding rubber lens hood to keep my fingers of the lens front.  I do have to sit the camera on a book when I rest the cameraon a surface so the rubber doesn't get deform.  I will take off the hood when I pack the camera in a bag.

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