G7X II - Soft corners when shooting RAW

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Re: G7X II - Soft corners when shooting RAW

Gl893 wrote:

Hi all!

I do a lot of travel photography and recently went on a trip where a DSLR was not an option. For that reason, I bought a 2nd hand G7X Mark II.

Overall I am pretty happy with the camera but I am facing one issue that makes RAW shooting a bit problematic.

When shooting RAW and wide-angle (24mm) and applying the built-in lens correction in Lightroom, the corners turn out extremely soft (which make the photos practically unusable). However, when I compare the processed RAW images from LR with the JPEGs out of the camera, JPEGs look a lot better in terms of corner sharpness. This makes me think that the lens correction at 24mm (remove the barrel distortion) is done a lot better in-camera than inside of LR.

Anyone that can confirm / comment on this theory? Is there a way to improve the lens correction in LR (done using the built-in profile)?

At this point I feel I need to give up shooting RAW or at least give up wide-angle RAW.


I cannot answer your question directly as I seldom shoot in raw.

I saw the 2 comparison photos which you posted. The JPEG out of camera seems to be a bit sharper at the corners.

I have the G7X Mark ii and I have only shoot jpeg with it. My experience is pretty much the same. It is less sharp at the corners especially at wide angle. But the corners will get better when use a smaller aperture like f5.6 to f8. So if the lighting conditions permit, you may want to try using a smaller aperture and see if you can get sharper corners.

Hope it helps.

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