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Photoline 23 release



  • Mesh Gradient (including PDF support and SVG import)
  • Stitching function (Filter > Digital Camera > Stitch)
  • Focus Stacking (Filter > Digital Camera > Focus Stacking)
  • Uncolored patterns (including PDF support)
  • New Animate dialog (View > Panels > Animate)
  • WebP and PNG: Can now read and write animations
  • PDF export: It is now possible to export PDF/X-4 with and without CMYK conversion.
  • PDF export: PDF/A-1b and PDF/A-2u can now be exported.
  • FITS and SER import
  • "JPEG XL" import and export
  • New filter: Filter > Others > Minimum Round
  • Clipping with vector layers: Can now optionally clip with outline and brightness.
  • Layout > Text to Picture: Can now also display assigned names from XMP data.


  • PDF import: Clipping layers without effect are better deleted.
  • PDF export: Missing fonts are displayed after export.
  • Raw import: DHT interpolation
  • Raw import: X Trans decoding is faster.
  • PNG: Now supports EXIF import and export
  • SVG: Various detail improvements
  • PSD: Various detail improvements
  • OpenEXR import: Images with long channel names are combined to a single image.
  • Import via GhostScript, Windows: Now supports filenames with Unicode characters.
  • Web > Export Single Frames: All frames of an animation are exported in one go as separate files.
  • Browse: Can now show multiple files in Explorer/Finder.
  • Browse, Locate in Browser Map: Can now display multiple positions on a map and shows the preview of the associated image when clicking on a marker.
  • Filter and adjustment layer dialogs: Color picker can now read out color regions (dragging with Ctrl/Command).
  • Color Editor: Color picker can now read out color regions (dragging with Ctrl/Command).
  • "Select Colors" dialog: Color list is adjusted when scaling the dialog.
  • Move vector points numerically: Now with preview and fix positions.
  • Curve Creation tool: Lines can be aligned at 45° via automatic guides.
  • Edit Vector Points tool: Shift moves line points along the original line.
  • Edit Vector Points and Curve Creation tool: In the Tool Settings now with icons for the options to move auxiliary points
  • Painting tools: Shift+click paints from the last to the current position.
  • Icon bars in Tool Settings (for example Circle tool): During dragging, the effect of additional keys is displayed (e.g. shift key for proportional dragging).
  • Text layers: Manually enlarged text layers can be switched back to dynamic text (via the Tool Settings).
  • Dynamic text layers: Keep their position relative to the formatting when typing.
  • Curve editor: Alt snaps to grid when moving, Shift fixes x-position.
  • Curves: With sliders for upper and lower limit
  • Adjustment Layer dialog: The layer subdialog remembers whether it was minimized.
  • Adjustment Layer dialog: "New adjustment layer" now displays icons in the menu, if desired.
  • Tool > Color > Hue Editor: Better curve interpolation
  • Layout > Vector > Vector Outline: Takes into account the line alignment (inside/outside)
  • Layer Attributes, layer distortions: The order of the path effects can now be changed in the Layer Attributes.
  • Layer handles: Non-moveable adjustment layers, layer masks, and Dynamic Filters in document size and image mode no longer display layer handles.
  • Layer List: Dynamic filters with replace mode show this in the cell.
  • Layout List, selection field: Per default, the selection field is hidden (can be reeanbled via "Preferences > Working > Special")
  • Layer Style dialog: Dialog preview is scaled appropriately for large effects.
  • Full screen mode, macOS: The status bar is hidden when entering full screen mode.
  • Moving Hand tool: Double-click zooms the clicked location to 100%, double-click a second time to restore the previous state.
  • Standard filters, Filter Brush tool: The labeling of additional parameters is adjusted and the values are changed to angle if applicable.

Bug fixes:

  • WebP export: Fixed problem with alpha images with ICC profile.
  • Rounded rectangle: Scaling and then undo distorted roundness.
  • Dynamic Animation: If a dynamic animation was to be saved as a GIF, there was an error message.
  • Dynamic Animation: The vertical zoom of the tracks (Ctrl/Cmd+mouse wheel) did not work properly.
  • Reduce Colors: Always forgot the setting to not reduce colors.
  • Standard RGB profile: With Wide Gamut, various UI elements were output incorrectly.
  • Edit vector shape, Undo: Undo did not restore that it was a vector shape.
  • Text layer, distorted in perspective: Ruler and flow rectangles were output sometimes mirrored in case of perspectively distorted layers.
  • Raw files, imported as placeholder, macOS: Editing the placeholder created adjustment layers.
  • Remove Brush: For horizontal/vertical lines the result was worse.
  • Hue Editor: With "Reset" the gradient image of the curve editor was not rebuilt.
  • Text layer, path text: Font scaling greater than 100% could result in redraw errors when changing the font size.
  • Layer distortions, edit: During editing, the redraw might be incomplete.
  • Text fields, automatic completion: Completion list was a bit too narrow.
  • Edit vector layers: Changing multiple auxiliary points of a line-curve combination did not work because only one auxiliary point existed.
  • Text layers, fixed line distance: The spacing between lines specified by the font was used, which meant that the line spacing was again dependent on the font size in some circumstances.
  • View > Fit to Selection Width: If all windows were adjusted, the layer boundaries of the active window were used nevertheless.
  • View > Full View: Additional keys of the keyboard shortcut influenced the behavior.
  • PDF export, placeholder with distortions: The PDF export used the original data for the distortion. As a result, the PDF and the document display may have been different.
  • Bend Image: Curve editor did not work correctly.
  • Auto Mask: Incorrect redraw corrected.
  • Painting: Soft, rotated and compressed brushes could leave residues on the screen during painting (disappeared after redrawing).
  • Brush outline, Roundness of 0%: At 0% compression, the brush outline was invisible
  • Layer List: The "Next Blend Mode"/"Previous Blend Mode" shortcuts now modify all selected layers.
  • Browse, macOS: HEIC images were not displayed even if "Quicktime import" was allowed in the settings under "Browse > Creation".
  • Browse > Open as Layers: All files are rotated according to their EXIF data.
  • Automatic Lasso: If a vector layer was the active layer, there was a crash.
  • Printing, Windows: Fixed possible crash with vector layers.
  • Vector Drawing tool: If the line style or color was not visible, you could not see what you were drawing.
  • Vectorizing: Did not work with 32 bit
  • XMP, JPEG: With an unchanged JPEG image, the XMP data could not be changed.
  • Mosaic: Flattening did not work properly.
  • Distributing layers horizontally/vertically with equal spacing didn't always work correctly.
  • Alignment: Virtual copies now behave like their original.
  • Color Lookup: DeviceLink profiles didn't work correctly
  • Line styles, variable width: Extremely thick lines with variable width look better now.
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