Talk about alll camera base on 6 month research

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Talk about alll camera base on 6 month research

Well i only talk about camera back on 7 year to now. Hope u guy dont flame

Canon : Good for potrait, good color skin from cheap to high, shaprness worse in all big 4( only apcs, in full frame only with RP, all pro camera more than 1k5 same sharprness) Iso + HDR worse. Buy the way their lens cheap, offent meet Optical aberration, mirroless ussually heavy crop. Auto focus only after sony thx to dual Af. They was dslr for video + photo thx for good focus in video. Apcs mirroles easy use, they all good , no best but far from worse. High amount of user. And their video iq apcs miroless suck and crop, less detail but good focus, cheap cheap too. I not count camera for pro user in this, only camera for normal people can afford.their photo blur in rear cause lack of focus point.

Nikon my fav : dslr only photo, video suck af. Best iso + hdr in photo, not better than sony but color better so good for light room. Nikon mirroless z change the game with cheap z5, like best full frame 999 usd now that beat all apcs same price in photo( sony af better but in low light iso blow away them). Their video well, i watch z7 4k and their focus still after a73, out focus face if they move far, video 3rd.lens cheap and varity.

Sony : everything good, only high price in lens . if u are kaiba or rich kid, well sony for u. They have alpha s/r and 7, for all kind capture. Video night/ landscape/sport. But come with : old mode over heat no touch screen. Lens super high price again like 1.5-2 to other brand. If u prepare 1000 for body like 6400, prepare 1500-2000 forr lens. And their alpha have body ista, which all dslr dont have.

Fuji : no full frame, best color jpg, iso better than canon but in noise even iso low( they like photo like old film i guess). They have rich color, all kind of color not like canon only face( not sure). Ànd their photo cant use AI to de nosie so lowlight is hard for them when all brand can. Video better than sony in bit rate, and no over heat but lowlight not good much-but they got 60fps 4k xt3 with price only 2-3 of sony. And their bódy wow, it so so beautyfull which girl gona crazy if u hold it. And small. So many effect in movie

Panasonic :  body insta, cheap ànd small camera, cheapest 4k camera, .welll i dont like them pixel too small. But their 4 k camera like gh5 like beast can record 1 h dont hot. Their flag ship in apcs well i dont know, too many brand that only better difrent little. Sample : g850 no body sta, g85x have bódy sta and not over heat. Their lens so exp i give up think about spend same money for lens but only m43( beter zoom, light weight).

Problem is if want vlog people get fuji, they small like xt30, high res (26vs 16-20). Well in video could be more sta, les roling but for most, 26 will give more detail, and in low light they still better., gx10 same price as xt30 .

Olympus : old style like fuji, god in body sta, lens good price too. M10m4 like best camera for most young people ( body sta for video that only fuji fx10s and 6500 have but farr better, 21mp, all day and low iso good) in my country dont sell it.

Hope i dont trigger many photo grapher. I mean all brand have good and bad, i just want help some guy want to buy camera . i was zero when jump to camera and watch thousand of review, video, compair iso, zoom photo

Fujifilm X-T3 Leica M10 Nikon Z7 Panasonic G85 Panasonic GH5 Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX10 Samsung GX-10 Sony a7
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