Are D6, D850 and D780 going to be obsolete after 2022?

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Re: Nope

yray wrote:

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avalvo wrote:

Just need to wait about a year or two and Nikon will blowout the D6 inventory at a firesale price.

I certainly hope so. I'll have the checkbook ready

So will plenty of other people. The supply of DSLRs will dwindle faster than demand, so don't expect to pick up quality cameras or lenses cheap anytime soon.

Depends how far back you're willing to go, quality cameras and lenses have been around for quite a while. Anything other than D850 and D5/D6 can be already had used for a bargain basement price IMO. Well, used Df might be priced on the high side too, perhaps some folks think it will be a collector's item one day.

As for F-mount lenses, many have become quite affordable, used in excellent condition.

So, for those who don't care much for Z in the foreseeable future, used market is gonna be good, I think, maybe too good.

yep, all the people dumping their supposed inferior F mount stuff, they have to have the latest and greatest and losing a ton of $$ in the process, will make for some great deals we hope.   ha.   Meanwhile the D850 is still beyond their photo capabilities too.

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