G7X II - Soft corners when shooting RAW

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Re: G7X II - Soft corners when shooting RAW


Gl893 wrote:

Hi all!

I do a lot of travel photography and recently went on a trip where a DSLR was not an option. For that reason, I bought a 2nd hand G7X Mark II.

Overall I am pretty happy with the camera but I am facing one issue that makes RAW shooting a bit problematic.

When shooting RAW and wide-angle (24mm) and applying the built-in lens correction in Lightroom, the corners turn out extremely soft (which make the photos practically unusable). However, when I compare the processed RAW images from LR with the JPEGs out of the camera, JPEGs look a lot better in terms of corner sharpness. This makes me think that the lens correction at 24mm (remove the barrel distortion) is done a lot better in-camera than inside of LR.

Anyone that can confirm / comment on this theory? Is there a way to improve the lens correction in LR (done using the built-in profile)?

At this point I feel I need to give up shooting RAW or at least give up wide-angle RAW.

IDK - Can you show a picture to see what is wrong? 

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