A7C and 50GM as an everyday carry?

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Re: A7C and 50GM as an everyday carry?

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My current everyday carry (EDC) is the A7C, Sony 20/2.8 apsc, and a HVL-f28RM flash. Not the best quality, but certainly fast enough and good enough for street shooting and candids for instant printing.

But now I have a problem, I got the GM, and that is literally the ONLY lens with which I want to shoot. It is heavier, and I actually care more about damaging it. If you are using this set up (or even the 35GM as an EDC) how are you protecting your gear? Do people notice you more with the larger lens? Is your angst up when using this lens vs being carefree in a way you would when you are shooting with lesser equipment?


Yeah for a very expensive lens like the GM, which is also an investment, I would definitely be protecting it.  For me that would be a significant purchase - for other seasoned professionals they might just throw it in a bag and not worry about it

A good (genuine) UV filter like one of the newer Hoyas or Urth/Gobe shouldn't have any effect on the picture IQ and will protect the front glass.  Also you can blow/wipe the front glass then without worrying about scratching it - if you do you just buy a new filter rather than a £2k lens.  The good filters also have very good coatings like the good lenses, and you don't have to worry about potentially wearing these off.

If you're ultra careful/paranoid like me, have a look at the skins.  They have always given me a lot more confidence to throw a lens in a bag, and also to just set the camera/lens down on something without worrying about scratching the body.  Plus personally I think they look nice too - others think different opinions! This is my A7Rii with a Tamron 28-200, probably the bottom end of what kind of lens I would bother protecting.  The skins are high quality 3M material and come off without leaving any residue.  I do the camera body as well

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