Are D6, D850 and D780 going to be obsolete after 2022?

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Re: Something that is obsolete is no longer needed because something better has been invented.

Canadianguy wrote:

nikpharm wrote:

There is a big price difference between Z9 and D6. Most of the pros who wanted D6 have already purchased it and those hanging onto D5 will probably order Z9, based on the features, new technology and price difference, instead of D6 whenever a new camera will be required.

By the end of 2022, some of the features and technology will trickle down to a new pro camera, whether a Z8 or Z7iii, which will be the mirrorless version of D850, with improved and advanced AF and FPS and those planning to grab a pro camera will prefer that Z model rather than D850 at that time.

Similar will be the case for Z6iii when compared to D780.

Considering post 2022 scenario, is it prudent to buy any of the three DSLR;s or wait for the next version of the Z cameras.

Something that is obsolete is no longer needed because something better has been invented.

So it depends on what is it you use your camera for?

If you are a landscape guy shooting scenes on a tripod - I don't see how your images will improve with a stacked sensor that has the same MP count as the current D850...from Sony's experience, stacked sensor designs usually give up DR at low ISO compared to non-stacked sensor designs.

If you are a video guy - yes the D850 is obsolete.

If you are a sports shooter needing fps - why would you even consider a D850 in the first place?

the D850 with battery grip and optional  battery does the same 9 fps that the D3S did. Its very capable for sports.    If you cant shoot sports with 9 fps than its your skill not the equipment.

If you got a bunch of D lenses you want to use - F-mount bodies are it, unless you are an expert at manual focus.

But just look at the number of manual focus lenses that have been released in the last 15 years - they have been obsolete since the late 70s when AF systems came onto the market but people still buy and use manual lenses today.

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