Interesting possibility regarding A mount

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Re: Interesting possibility regarding A mount

There are still new A-mount lenses for sale at B&H Photo.  Most of these lenses are sold at still expensive prices.  No one is trying to quickly unload these products at these high prices.  I think there are still new-old stock piles somewhere.  I'd buy the Sony A 100 mm Macro at the right price.  I'm watching prices.  It's like watching the Market.  I would like the Sony E 90 mm macro too.   Tamron maybe will come out with great a 90 mm macro at a lower price.   The Nissin 18F macro flash is great, but it really needs to be matched with a good macro.    I like Nissin products.

New-old A-mount SLT cameras would be a bonus.  I still use the old Minolta 100 mm macro.  There are still interested people out there to make it worthwhile for a third party to buy A-Mount rights from Sony.  Why would Sony want to hang on to the unused A-mount?

Somebody in China must have bought rights to use the Minolta name and manufactures various digital cameras with the Minolta logo.  I bought the Minolta dash camera, which works very well.  The Minolta runs even when I'm not driving the car.  I got interesting videos, even captured a walk by thief.  These Minolta-branded cameras are sold on TV sales shows.  Minolta just won't die.  My 7D is still going strong.  Although, I like using the Sony E mount  a7III a lot better.    Never, never wait too long to buy accessories.  Accessories disappear from the market place long before the cameras and lenses.  My accessories collection has risen at a faster rate.

I keep adding products to my B&H and Amazon wish lists.  Eventually, these companies will give me a better deal, if I still want to buy the products.   It works!  I hope they decide to unload the older products.  I watch all markets every day.

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