Astrophotography in the city?

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Re: Astrophotography in the city?

The purpose of a star tracker is to enable you to achieve much longer exposure times without getting star trails. So it’s easy to test: put your camera on the tripod, set the exposure time and other settings the same way you would on a star tracker and shoot a few photos. This is what you will get with a star tracker too, just minus the star trails. So if the photos are overexposed due to the background light pollution, then you’ll have to look for a darker spot, or try with a light pollution filter. You can remove the light pollution to a large degree in the post, but this will also take away some star information with it as well, so it’s much better to avoid it in the first place.

Btw, you will need a clear view to the north sky and the Polaris from your balcony in order to correctly polar align the star tracker, so if your balcony is facing south where the MW is, you’ll have to go out somewhere else to get a good alignment.

Also, I recommend getting a sturdy tripod, so that it does not wobble with all the gear on it as you are shooting.

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