Please tell me what I am doing wrong, FZ2500---be kind!

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I apologize, I do not want to interfere with your dialogue, but, in my opinion, this is not a bad focus, but the operation of the camera's squelch. As a result, instead of small details "the sky is in pimples"

And the higher the ISO, the more aggressive the noise reduction will be. Just try different settings for contrast, noise reduction, and sharpness.

Yes, that degree of noise is typical of high ISO, but also can be caused by image post processing.

I didn't do anything in post processing . This photo is directly out of the camera and I was using (or thought I was using, Auto ISO.)

Those speckles are artifacts. It seemed to me something was amiss that was unrelated to the lens and sensor. Are you using iZoom? That can introduce the problem. It crops your frame and adds sharpening. That is an extra processing step, done by the camera and not by you.

I checked and the izoom setting was ON! Will it still use izoom if I don't extend over the 480 mm ?

Best keep it off. If you shoot raw or raw plus jpeg as others are recommending, iZoom won’t be an option. It will be grayed out.

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