Moving to Mac ... need advice : G-RAID vs G-DRIVE vs Synology

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Moving to Mac ... need advice : G-RAID vs G-DRIVE vs Synology

Hi All ,

I have never been using macs before but with new MacBook pro I have decided to make this move , need your advice re external storage :

what I currently have is Dell XPS 13 laptop used as main pc and 2 x Synology 220 each with 2 X 3TB WD Red drives as RAID-1 , so 6TB on both available storage

I have about 3 TB of photos and 1 TB of videos

I have Backblase B2 cloud backup from these Synologies

I have using data on this Synology for direct edits but it is unacceptably slow

so need to advice how better improve setup on mac

What I am planning to have is MacBook pro 14 as main PC and keep XPS with Widnows as more like travel laptop , but I am not sure what to do with external storage

The requirements are

1. Make them fast enough for photo video editing

2. Some sort of Raid with duplication

3. and Cloud backup as another copy

So I am considering 3 options , and need your advice - which one would you choose ?

A. Buy G-RAID for say 12 TB , configure it as RAID-1 and run cloud backup from mac with backblase or other ?

Sell my WD reds + synologies

B. Buy 2 G-DRIVES , independent from each other , somehow configure periodic copy between them and run again some cloud backup

Sell my WD reds + synologies

C. Buy 4 bay Synology DS920+ enclosure , move my WD reds to it and create say Raid-5 ,

then run backup as now with Backblase B2

sell Synologies without drives

so what your thoughts ?

would be option C fast enough for direct edit ? Do I need 10 GB card too ?

How reliable are G-Drives/ G-raid ? If I'll buy those which support Thunderbolt am I going to see much improvement with access to files for edits from MacBook ?

Any other brands to consider ?

In case of G-Raid / G-Drive , would I still be able to ahve some access to them from Windows or not ?

Any issues with Timemachine backups for any option ?

Basically looking for some advice for clean new future proof setup as I am completely new to mac

Thanks a lot !

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