Noise in the Photo or monitor issue? Please help

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Re: Noise in the Photo or monitor issue? Please help

It's probably a mix of all/some of them - the distance, heat, slight back focus and light.

I have added a few more images taken with the same combination (+/- 1 day), but a bit closer. The distance to the subject is quite less (around 370mm), so sharpness seems to be better.

Overall, the monitor/computer don't seem to be the issue, its more of the camera and technique (hand-holding a tele lens at max zoom), that seems to be the issue.

Are there sharp RAW images that I can download and compare?

Image 5256 looks much better. The other two still appear to be out of focus. Moving birds are tough.

I use a monopod as much as possible, except for birds in flight.  I have a bit of tremor in my hands so even with in body or in lens stabilization I usually need support with focal lengths greater than about 135 mm full frame equivalent

I don’t know of any raw examples from your camera model but the review I linked earlier has a sample gallery and I can see noise in the sky in the images with blue sky - and those were are ISO 100 and 200.

The first two shots you had were at ISO 800 and 1/4000 second. You could have probably shot at ISO 200 and 1/1000  and if on a monopod maybe ISO 100 and 1/500 since the birds were perched.

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