Noise in the Photo or monitor issue? Please help

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Re: Noise in the Photo or monitor issue? Please help

sridharj wrote:

SoCalAngler wrote:

The camera is a 10 year old model with an older sensor. Looks to me like a bit of focus miss on both birds. On the image with the vertical branches on the left it looks like focus is on the branch - so maybe some back focus.

Me thinks if the birds were larger in the frame the noise in the background sky wouldn't be as noticeable. As shot, the sky dominates the frame.

The birds were pretty far off, so that could be one reason for the wider view, even with max zoom of 640mm (1.6x * 400).

Also, by Back focus, does it look like the lens' focusing is slightly off OR the AF/manual focus wasn't correct?

Thank you!

I pulled the raw images down from the link and looked closely.

In image 5028 it looks like the focus is on the middle section of  the vertical branch or trunk near where it splits.  Based on the geometry of the branches - it looks like the branch that the bird is on is closer to the camera - based on what I think I am seeing that would mean the plane of focus is behind the bird.  Thus back focus.

If you focused manually it could just be a manual focus error. If auto focus it could be that the lens and the camera sensor and focusing system are not within perfect specification.  That isn't unusual and will show up more with long lenses. More costly DSLR bodies would usually have a fine tuning option to help adjust for that.   I don't think the Rebel/Kiss cameras have that capability.   Another possibility is that size of the focus sensor that is on the bird is not covering the bird and the bright background is causing the autofocus system to miss a bit.

In image 5003 the focus on the bird seems to be a bit better but still off and I don't really see anything in the frame that looks in focus, though the branch sticking up to the right of the bird appears to be in better focus and behind the bird a bit.

Given the distance you may have run into an issue with unstable air caused by heat.

It is possible that if you were much closer, or the target was much larger you may have got a sharper image.  Small birds and small targets are tough subjects getting close helps a lot.

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