Noise in the Photo or monitor issue? Please help

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Re: Noise in the Photo or monitor issue? Please help

SoCalAngler wrote:

sridharj wrote:

On a recent trip, using the Canon T3i body and the 100-400 IS II lens, I took some shots of birds. Some of them were at a distance while others were much closer.

On the computer, using a 27-inch QHD monitor (I think uses a 6-bit color profile), I find that the RAW files seem to have a lot of noise or blurred.

Please help me determine if its my technique, the camera or the monitor that's the problem. If I am asking this, I am almost sure it's me, but I want to rule out other things before I break my head

2 Sample images:!AkpuYi2ELxFflBHeOcnfxmndp8kb?e=z0FfTd


Not sure what the issue is with your computer or viewing tools.. How are you viewing the files?

On my iMac (27") the raw files look clean in the Preview app, and when opened in Adobe ACR and Affinity Photo, though it looks like a bit of a focus miss on the bird on both. With all three methods they at first look blurry and noisy when the file is first opened but clean up within a second after the software finishes rendering the image.

I saw that but the image is still soft after it has fully opened. (it looks soft to me but maybe I am expecting too much ...)

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