Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

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I had a RX10III for awhile and it didn’t take long to realise that if I was going to carry around something that big I may as well use FF gear. I know many here love their RX10s but seriously the RX100VI is every bit as good image wise and they ARE good, but nowhere on par with FF.

I'm not going to argue with you about your experience with image quality, but I have to say the to call the RX10 "that big" is interesting, to say the least. Perhaps the prime reason I have to use the RX10 iii is that it comes with a 600mm f4 (yes, equivalent I know) lens and weighs a couple of pounds. A FF camera with a 600mm f4 lens and tripod requires a sturdy manservant to accompany you as you search for rare birds. If one travels and photographs for pleasure the difference in image quality is much less than the difference in almost everything else.

The RX10 iii's 600mm equivalent has a much smaller aperture than the FF camera's 600mm. The RX10 has an aperture of 220/4 = 55mm, while the FF camera's is 600/4 = 150mm. The FF equivalent with the same aperture would be 600mm, f/11.

If you care about DOF and noise, that's a major difference.

DOF, agree; noise? there is very good software available to correct for noise. Moreover, it is the pixel size that determines noise, f/4 is f/4. Or am I wrong here?

Best is always, compare the same scene in practice...

Total light on the sensor determines noise. Pixel size is of limited importance.

F-number represents exposure, which is light per unit area, not total light. f/4 is f/4, but that doesn't tell us any more than 220mm (RX10) is 220mm (FF). f/4 on a 1" camera will have a different effect than f/4 on a FF.

If you can get acceptable results with software, it doesn't matter.

I read the article, which makes sense to me, so you are fully right: "The key thing to note is that the shot noise difference (from sensor size) plays a role at all ISOs, and usually has more impact than is made by difference in pixel size or technology enhancements."


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