Please help me to choose a FF camera system (landscape, wildlife)

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Re: Why only full-frame?

filster7 wrote:

Thanks for the advice and also for sharing your pictures. I'm a bit hesitant towards Olympus since I have an old E-510 and the picture quality is as you can imagine (usable at very low ISOs). I always thought that they "missed the target" a bit with 4/3rds - maybe with the exception of getting the 2x "boost" for reach - but you're right that my opinions and experiences are outdated. I became ever more skeptical after they sold their camera business (and also "killed" the 4/3rds mount) - like if they acknowledged their own failure. But I'm probably pretty biased here

My final thoughts on m4/3 (MFT) for a new buyer to consider.

1) MFT is not dead. Despite some saying the system is 'dead', it is far from it. Panasonic and Olympus (now OMD) have announced they will produce a replacement (modern) camera body based around the new Sony 4/3 sensor.

2) 3rd party lens. Additional manufactures produce lenses for m4/3 beyond Olympus/OMD and Panasonic, here is a list which includes Sigma and high-end Voigtländer:

3) Content creators still use m4/3 to produce production level materials. Here is a lens review using a Panasonic body with Voigtländer lens:

I happen to own this lens, here is a quick image of something I photographed outside on-the-fly, and it was photographed at f/2 not f/0.95:

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