Please help me to choose a FF camera system (landscape, wildlife)

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Krusty79 wrote:

I am also looking at upgrading to the A7Riii. I shoot landscapes, so I like the idea of 42mp. Since I shoot wildlife, that will also allow me to crop a lot. One nice thing about these newer FF bodies is that they have an APS-C mode, so I can set the A7Riii for that mode, get the extra 50% magnification and still have about 18mp to work with.

While the Sony 200-600 is a great lens that I have not heard anything negative about, that quality does come in a heavy package. It is about 4.6 pounds, or a little over 2 kg. I hope you are familiar with using a heavy telephoto.

Yes, that's a good point about cropping for wildlife. Regarding the weight of the lens, it's a bit hefty, but it's the price I guess for what the lens is about. It won't be fun traveling with it but what I read about it convinced me that it would be the best option for wildlife around that price on the E-mount.

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