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Re: Matt Granger Z9 Eye AF

heush wrote:

ARClark wrote:

Thanks for sharing. The lack of responses thus far is telling. Matt has made a few missteps lately and likely not drawing the interest he did earlier.


What did he do? I might have missed it.

I've appreciated his posts, as I've pre-ordered a Z9 and have been interested in hearing his take on it. However, he did retract a video recently on Nikon Z high ISO comparisons.

He also caught a little heat for another video on BIF photography when he had little experience on the subject. Also, this current video doesn't cover much new ground, though I did appreciate that he continues to find the Z9's eye AF impressive.

In fairness, he's been trying to share a lot of information in a short time based on his week-long time with Z9, so a misstatement here or there is bound to happen.

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