Panasonic G9 or a 100-400 lens

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Panasonic G9 or a 100-400 lens

I currently have a GX9 and the 100-300ii.

I'm massively into wildlife photography and i thought both the lens and G9 would improve that, even if not by a huge amount.

I've toyed with apsc or full frame but i have realized that i will never enjoy carrying 6 or 7lbs around or enjoy holding it up for 200 or so photo's

I really want both but i just hate spending so much at once I will probably end up with both so i should just get them now. But i won't.

I'm usually cropping with 600mm. I'll still be cropping with 800. But a 2x crop with 800mm is a fair distance right.

I went out yesterday and out of about 5 birds i tried to photograph, only 1 i was happy with.And even then i think that extra bit of range would have made all the difference. It was just one of those days when you can't get close enough.

I know i'll be happy with the 100-400 but i'm not sure if the G9 will be more beneficial than i'm giving it credit for too?

Is the animal detect helpful. Will my keeper rate improve. Is it a total waste of money.

I have been after a new camera for a while.Sometimes its just easier, especially on a windy day or at short notice, to have a 2nd camera ready to go. I know i'll probably be upping the weight but still saving at least 1kg over say a nikon apsc setup and the gx9 in my backpack with a small lens , i won't know its there.

I had a tz90 but i gave that to my daughter and tbh i did want a bit better quality.

So i thought a G9 would be nice to have for two reasons.

But then 800mm. That would be nice too

Anybody had experience of going from GX9 to G9 or the 300mm to the 400mm?

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