Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

It all depends upon what you are shooting and why you are shooting it. Every camera has its strengths and weaknesses. No camera can do everything.

Are you shooting something destined to be a work of art? How is the lighting? Do you need that fast prime lens? What will you do with the resultant photo? Or maybe you are just taking a snapshot of Aunt Minnie in front of Costco? Are you tired of hauling that big camera and lens from a day of trekking and just want something small to maybe grab a shot of your fellow diners or the evening entertainment?

And, very importantly, what are you going to do with the resultant photo. Posting a shot on Facebook needs nothing more sophisticated than a cell phone. But making a large wall hanging will require a bit more resolution.

Another factor is your budget. The rule tends to follow that "better" cameras typically carry bigger price tags. We all have a limit as to how much we can invest in our toys. And that will vary significantly person to person.

There is always the "good enough" limit. One does not need a 64MP camera to display photos on a 4K monitor.

A FF camera is typically bigger, heavier, requires larger (pricier) lenses than say a 1" sensor camera. It will typically have better light gathering capability, less noise and possibly more dynamic range and a narrower depth of field than the same f-stop on a smaller sensor camera.

There will certainly be those times when something smaller and lighter can produce an adequate image for the purpose.

So which tool in your toolbox will work for whatever specific task you are about to accomplish?

There is no rule that says you can only own just one camera.

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