Usability of Zone Focusing

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Re: Usability of Zone Focusing

Gurusathiy wrote:

Klaus dk wrote:

It's scary and probably even stupid to disagree with Zeiss on anything optics, but I'd say the first direction is correct: Set the infinity mark at the rightmost f-stop mark to set the lens to hyperfocal distance for that f-stop.

As everybody else have pointed out, these are FF lenses, and your camera is APS-C, so you have a deeper DoF.

There are some caveats, though. First, the CoC depends on the medium and the expected usage. A high resolution APS-C sensor would have a smaller CoC than a fast negative film, for instance, and a wall sized print viewed close up demands a very small CoC, if you want it "pin sharp".

And I'll also repeate what others have written: There Is No Set And Forget Focus Setting. If you want phone functionality, use a phone.

I support the suggestion for a solid tripod. I've found reading Thom Hogan's considerations worth while.

Good luck and good light.

hi Klaus,

Thanks for the inputs, I've to convince myself that there is no shortcut to my conundrum.. One thing I want to understand is on CoC.. if as per hyperfocal I set infinity to f/8.0 mark for taking aperture (we'll keep aside crop factor for now), where does this CoC will come into play? Is that subject distance changes or focus distance changes (in case if its just a scenery) as per math on CoC to ensure sharp images?

Helpful people have already explained about The Circle of Confusion as it relates to depth of field.

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