Do you miss larger sensors?

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Re: Do you miss larger sensors?

Jerry R wrote:

The thread is about missing FF vs 1".

I did get some very good images with the V1. No its not an RX10. However, if you look at the images posted with the V3 and 600mm equivalent lens they are comparable to RX10 pics. I think the 1" sensor cameras are very good but not as good as FF and APSC sensors.

A V1 pic:

I have a full frame camera that I love, but I think the main reasons I love it are because of the lens (it's a fixed prime lens) and because of the overall look of the images. It's hard to explain.
I also like the lower light ability of the camera, but, I also think the Sony one-inch sensor cameras are excellent in a lot of different situations.

But, you're right, they aren't as good in some situations as larger sensor cameras.

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