Z5 vs Z6 for Adapted Rangefinder Lenses

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Re: Z5 vs Z6 for Adapted Rangefinder Lenses

bokesan wrote:

With classic mostly symmetrical RF lenses (e.g. Biogon 4.5/21)? Just forget it - the only camera that will work acceptably with those are Leica M. Phillip Reeve has direct comparisons between Sony and Leica M - here's an example with a newer and longer lens. Expect much worse results with a shorter classical one. And forget about Nikon Z being much better than Sony - I compared a Sony A7R2 and the Z7 directly with a couple of rangefinder lenses, and could not get reproducibly better results from the Nikon (and I very much wanted Nikon to be better than Sony). There are minuscule differences in the edges but nowhere near the amount in the review linked above.


Thanks for the practical input, going by net forums, it appeared Z mount has almost eliminated the need to buy a Leica M.. so the dream still goes on...

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