Inexpensive Lens(es) Around 70mm Good at f/4?

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Re: Inexpensive Lens(es) Around 70mm Good at f/4?

Off The Mark wrote:

Looking for a lens around 70mm @f/4 that would be affordable (around $100 or $150 for a prime, more if it is a zoom and gives me more flexibility).

I would be using it to shoot 4K video (interviews, mostly) locked off on a tripod. As you probably all know, the resolution of 4K video is only just over 8MP, so it doesn't necessarily have to be the sharpest lens in the world.

It would be good though if it had a low amount of other artifacts such as CA, distortion, LOCA, as those are particularly difficult to fix in video.

One lens that interests me is the Minolta 75-150mm f/4. But maybe there are better options out there?

I hear the Canon FD 100mm is good, but as a prime I worry that the 100mm focal length is a bit too long.

Thanks in advance.

If your shooting style is almost at the portrait range, then you could try an enlarging lens.  There are many enlarging lenses in this range.  If you can accept a longer focal length, the second generation of Nikon 100mm 1:2.8 Series E (the one with a silver ring) is a cheap and really good lens. Zoom lenses are usually not as good as fix focal length lenses.


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