Whats the catch with the Z6?

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Re: Whats the catch with the Z6?

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A used z6ii here is £1800-1900. Used Z6 so cheap. If I get an "excellent" copy, it becomes £890!

It is crazy value! I can swap my X-T30 and 10-24 and it basically buys the camera. I just need the 24-70 for a 400 and i'm set. Primarily it'll be landscapes, portraits etc, but I may later sell my XT3 and let the Z6 do wildlife duties if It tests well?

My new Z6 + 24-70mm F4 S + FTZ cost £1,600 from Panamoz. I recommend the FTZ.

I saw something similiar for £1929. Those three things used would be £1489. So I think used has value for me at the moment. Plus, i'd get the FTZ later on. I'm reluctant to spend tonnes on photography these days, so I am keen to leverage my existing gear, used, plus the discounts this week.

Regarding super teles, hmm. I must have a think. I usually always use two bodies, so for now, XT3 with 150-600, and Z6 24-70, will allow me to operate as usual. Fringer Ef-Z would save me big bucks, IF, it AFs well, as frankly, the tamron 100-400 and sigma 150-600 I have are pretty good for my needs.

edit: was just looking at old Nikon lenses local store online. The range is really good. I think I will get the FTZ afterall. Things like 70-200 F/4, 300 F/4 etc, really cheap now! I bet I could get a used cheap tamron 150-600 too in a few months to swap over my current lenses.

You mentioned a nifty fifty in your OP. I'd take a look at the Z 40mm f2. It's cheap and compact, way smaller than any prime with the FTZ. Although optically it's not close to the "S" line primes, it's better than the F mount 35 and 50 1.8Gs you could get (I say that browsing the Camerlabs review charts here https://www.cameralabs.com/nikon-lenses/)

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