Usability of Zone Focusing

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Re: Usability of Zone Focusing

Gurusathiy wrote:

Hello All,

Hope all are doing good and life's back to almost normal while still in midst of pandemic...

So after spending an year more on research on this topic, I've still not found an exact answer to my conundrum;-) so I've few more questions to all those experts here to help me further in my quest for focus-less pic taking...

Pardon me for the long post:

My friend has got a Zeiss 25mm Biogon ZM lens and I'm trying it on my A6000 with K&F concept pro adapter.

I came across this thread on hyperfocal focusing for FF lens on APS-C:

As per Jim's advise, if I use f/8 aperture and keep the focusing ring to two f/4 markings (2 stops wider than taking aperture), will the image have depth of field of f/4 or taking aperture f/8?

Also, every research gave me this as the method to set the lens focus ring for indicating range of distance that will be in focus:

This is from dofmaster site.

But, as per Zeiss website, the below setting contradicts that and says infinity mark be aligned to the center focus index and aperture setting be read accordingly:

As per Zeiss

If HFD is as simple as aligning the markings as per these methods, I'm hard pressed to understand the discussions around CoC and having low CoC value for digital sensors and adjusting focus ring as per HFD charts with CoC in the math.

So what is the right method? DOF or Zeiss?

Any support on this is highly appreciated!!

It's scary and probably even stupid to disagree with Zeiss on anything optics, but I'd say the first direction is correct: Set the infinity mark at the rightmost f-stop mark to set the lens to hyperfocal distance for that f-stop.

As everybody else have pointed out, these are FF lenses, and your camera is APS-C, so you have a deeper DoF.

There are some caveats, though. First, the CoC depends on the medium and the expected usage. A high resolution APS-C sensor would have a smaller CoC than a fast negative film, for instance, and a wall sized print viewed close up demands a very small CoC, if you want it "pin sharp".

And I'll also repeate what others have written: There Is No Set And Forget Focus Setting. If you want phone functionality, use a phone.

I support the suggestion for a solid tripod. I've found reading Thom Hogan's considerations worth while.

Good luck and good light.

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