27" 1440p or 4K monitor for photo editing in Capture One (Eizo CS2731 vs CS2740)

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Freddy M New Member • Posts: 2
27" 1440p or 4K monitor for photo editing in Capture One (Eizo CS2731 vs CS2740)

Hi all,

A long time forum reader here but this is my first addition to the discussions.

I am aware there are some similar threads touching upon the questions I have, but from reading through a lot I am still not clear on what would be the best option for a 27" monitor with its primary objective of photo editing in Capture One Pro.

I would like to invest in a good quality monitor with hardware calibration capabilities to be able to take my editing to the next step for printing and the web. My requirements on the monitor is as follows (but please come with suggestions if you think there are something else that I may want to consider).

  • 27" size (I think this is the best size for me, I might also consider a 32" but it is not optimal for me and the costs for a monitor of similar quality would be significantly higher)
  • USB-C (for simple connection to my Macbook Pro 14" 2021)
  • Color accuracy
  • Hardware calibration capabilities
  • Good coverage of the AdobeRGB color space

I have currently narrowed down my search to Eizo monitors since they have got a lot of praise for their quality. Both the Eizo CS2731 and CS2740 seems to fit my budget and basic requirements. It might be possible for me to go up a little bit in budget but I would prefer to stay at this level.

Both monitors are very similar and in the end it comes down to the question of 1440p vs. 4K/UHD in resolution. And I think this is where it gets hard. When looking at 4K screens, the UI gets too small for me and I would prefer to run a 4K monitor with the UI in scaled mode in MacOS to "look like 1440p". I know this is not a direct 1:1 or 1:2 scaling and would therefore come with some kind of interpolation of the pixels in MacOS.

  • Is using a 4K/UHD monitor in scaled UI mode a clear no,no when it comes to photo editing on the Mac?
  • I mainly use Capture One Pro for editing. How does C1 handle UI scaling on Mac? Is only the UI scaled and the image rendered in native resolution of 1to1 pixel or are there implications?
  • Is a native 1440p monitor the better choice for photo editing if the alternative is a 4K/UHD monitor with scaled UI?

I am very grateful for all input I can get. I can't really get my head around what resolution to go for.

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